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Skills you haven't put on your CV that your employer wants to see

We’ve all sat in front of our CV, wondering how on earth to make it look like we have work experience or “past employment” to speak of when we feel as if there’s nothing to say at all.

I can guarantee you, however, that you have more experience than you think you do.

Employers for graduate jobs are perfectly happy that you got your 2:1 or even your first, but what they really want to know is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

What did you do to earn a bit of cash at university? Did you work at the local corner shop, wait tables, hand out leaflets on the street, babysat or tutored? This may seem irrelevant, but check out our top tips to hype up your side gigs.

What about your hobbies? Were you the founder of your uni’s entrepreneur society, or did you join the Lord of the Rings Appreciation Club committee? Talk about your role and the skills you gained. Did you learn craft skills at some of those uni club meetups? Doesn’t matter if it was a made up language, how to build huge Lego structures or how to throw a clay teacup - this makes you a curious, agile learner and you should absolutely tell employers about this.

Elvish won’t come in useful, but your ability to memorise vocabulary will.


Have you been travelling and planned a trip with your friends? Definitely mention your organisational skills. Executing ideas is key in almost any role in all fields.

Essentially, what today’s employers are looking for is curious people, with the ability to pick up new techniques and make ideas become a reality with today’s technology and who’ll be able to adapt when tomorrow’s technology comes out. You don’t have experience in the specific field you want to work in yet, and that’s ok: what you need to demonstrate is that you are a willing sponge, ready and eager to soak up all of that knowledge.

Elvish won’t come in useful, but your ability to memorise vocabulary will. Nappy changing skills may not be needed, but the fact that someone trusted you with their kids is a huge recommendation. All of those risk assessments you filled out for those society pub crawls in second year show that you can figure out how to tackle paperwork and admin.

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